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16/12/99 Dark Prophecy ([DP]Blaze & [DP]E^Z) v SoloQuaker's Alliance
(This report written by Spiritos)

Not much of a report here, but what do you expect when yours truly crashes out twice during the match? :((

First things first, yes, this was DP's first loss in the Clanbase campaign so part of what I'm going to say is no doubt going to be viewed by some people as sour grapes. It's not intended to be..."..just the facts, ma'am".

Blaze and E^Z fronted the DP challenge again but this time were 'outpinged' by the Dutch team (no mean feat considering Blaze and E^Z are both LPB's). The SQA guys were enjoying pings of around 40 compared to fluctuating pings of 80+ for the DP lads. Not a good omen, but most Clanbase games are played on Dutch-based servers remember. Just after I joined the server, it seems like the whole of SQA jumped on...about 7/8 more SQA peeps came on and the server started 'complaining': lag-spikes and dropped packets :(

The first map to be played was q2dm1 but this time, Blaze and E^Z didn't get off to their usual fast start and fell behind early to some good rail shots. As has become the 'norm' here, the 'rail rules the roost' (hmm...think I'll copyright that >;)  ), and it proved no different here. SQA made good use of sound to hear DP peeps going into the water for the rail and were waiting for them to surface:  a slug later and it was a frag for SQA. Blaze and E^Z kept in touch however and very late in the game made a surge to pull SQA back to within 1 frag. Too late though..time ran out with the momentum definitely favouring DP. It's a personal opinion, but given a little more time, I think DP would've won this map by 5-8 frags. "Them's the rules" though, and twenty minutes on q2dm1 finished with SQA scraping a 31-30 win.

Next on the agenda was q2dm3 and this was nasty. Major lag spikes as more people joined/left the server including another involuntary exit by myself. Another reboot later, when I got back to the server, it was chaos: probably 12+ people on the server (remember only 4 actually playing) and it looked to me as if E^Z had dropped and returned as well (haven't confirmed this with him yet though). SQA basically dominated the map which saw them again control the rail and put it to good effect. That, coupled with the fact that Blaze and E^Z were taking an extraordinary number of 'lava baths' (very unusual for them), sealed the game for SQA: never looking as though they would lose their lead, they ran out convincing 41-14 winners, taking the overall match with a 72-44 scoreline.

Maybe we've been lucky so far with the servers we've played on before (no problems at all), but I hope not. This server could do with a swift 're-programming' ie stick an axe in it >;)

As you'll also have noticed, there is no demo either ("Oh, how very convenient", is what I hear some of you say. Well, I didn't think there was much point in putting up either one of the 2 demos I did get..they both get cut short as I get unceremoniously 'dumped' :((     ).

20/11/99 Dark Prophecy ([DP]Blaze & [DP]E^Z) v DediCated Killers ([DCK]Kelder, [DCK]Corsair & [DCK]->VERIK<-)    Click to download (651Kb zip)
(This is the official Match Report which was written and posted to Clanbase by Blaze)

Another clanbase game and another victory for Dark Prophecy.

The first map was dm1 and we flew out the starting blocks, with DCK having trouble with their connections. The map by this time was totally locked down by us, with E^Z patrolling outside the 100 health room with his rg, and me inside not letting anyone have my armour =). The final score was 72-3, but this map would definitely have been closer had DCK had better connections.

The second match was played on dm3, Verik came in for Corsair for DCK, while we stuck with myself (Blaze) and E^Z, and boy, was this match tough. Once again we got off to the best start with E^Z racking up some early frags and giving us a 5-1 lead, but then DCK woke up and came back at us with some fine railing. We managed to keep a few frags lead for a little while longer but then DCK really turned up the heat and levelled the scores at 23 each. Somehow though, we managed to go up another gear and go straight back at DCK coming through with a 44-30 victory.

Thanks go out to DCK who were good sports, despite the terrible connections in the first match.
(This demo is from the q2dm3 game and is a chasecam view taken by me [Spiritos] of 20mins duration).

14/11/99 Dark Prophecy ([DP]Blaze & [DP]E^Z) v [IaM] ([IaM]BWare & [IaM]Daze)    Click to download (734Kb zip)
(This is the official Match Report which was written and posted to Clanbase by Blaze)

Dark Prophecy's first Euro outing and it was one to remember =). We couldn't have picked a better clan for our first match, respect to IaM who were great players and nice chaps.

First match played was dm1 where for most of the match it was E^Z taking on both of them with his rail, while I got used to a 100 ping (eww). About half way through IaM started to make a comeback with good control of the 100 health room, but we managed to get it back towards the end and come away with a comfortable victory, 48-20.

Second map was dm3 and we didn't start too well, I went up to the RL to get splatted =) and E^Z took a lava bath =). Thankfully, E^Z managed to get tooled up and take them out giving me time to tool up giving them a tough task. We pulled away with IaM getting the odd frag here and there, but they could never get hold of the match by the scruff of the neck, 59-15.

GG's IaM
(This demo is from the q2dm1 game and is a chasecam view taken by me [Spiritos] of 20mins duration. Watch out for some classy rails [just call me Mr Spielberg ;) ])

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