Greetings, stranger.

Travellers are requested to leave all weaponry with the Quartermaster at the Gatehouse before proceeding to the Main Chapel. Failure to do so will result in unpredictable consequences...

Please also do not disturb any of the Prophets whilst they are meditating (this is designated by a telepsychic projection above the Prophet's head, remarkably similar to a disconnected cable). This imagery is a projection of the discord within the mind of the individual and signifies his attempt to restore order and complete the 'connection' thereby allowing him to return to the 'real' world.

Compliance with these laws will render you the freedom of the Order's grounds: wander where you will....

Before leaving, should you wish to learn further of the Order's activities and future plans, please point to the Prophet on your left, he will be pleased to offer assistance.


Dark Prophecy competes in the 2v2 (2on2) Unreal Tournament and Quake3 arenas.

For updated information, including details of the numerous 2v2 competitions that Dark Prophecy participate in, please visit