The origins of the Dark Prophecy Order have been lost in the mist of many memories, with the earliest surviving records indicating that the Order formed in August of the year 1998 Anno Domini. The first initiates were Spiritos, Caldazar and Brother X. These three were Dark Prophecy. For two seasons these three Prophets carried the Order's message to all and sundry. Then, Brother X decided, with the blessing of the Order, to alter the subject of his study and effectively retire from the 'front line'.

Seeking a new initiate, the Order remembered a previous encounter with a force of some strength, 'ROK & CO', from the First Season of Prophecy. This force, despite being so strong had ceased to be and Spiritos sought out one of the members. Upon being asked if he would help the Order continue its work, [ROK]Dingo, happily agreed and was the Order's 4th Prophet. Dingo stayed with the Order for two seasons before leaving on sabbatical. He returned a season later a new person: literally. CoG>E^Z was born and 'returned' to the Order bringing an even greater strength than before. Having fulfilled his role within the Order, the time arrived that he should retire to pursue other purposes, no longer tasked with carrying the Order's Prophecy. This he has done and the Order thanks him for his service.

For the fourth season, the Order expanded again. Following his earlier effort, Spiritos sought out yet another member from a force encountered way back in the First Season. [MKC]Evil Santa (then of [GBU] affiliation), from 'Death From Above', thus became the next, and 5th, Prophet. Santa never had the best of luck and this hampered his efforts in bringing the Order's message across to people. It was with reluctance that he had to (prematurely) retire from active service. 

Following [ROK]Dingo's retiral, [MKC]Evil Santa began the search for a new initiate. It was not long before CoG>Blaze was drawn towards the Order's cause and hence became the 6th Prophet to join the Order. An Elder Prophet, (indeed, the only 'recruited' member to move up from the title of Prophet to date), Blaze too, has since retired and is now known as Duece. It certainly was a sad day for the Order to lose this long-standing member.

Extending their influence even further (this time into another continent), the Order realised that an increase in numbers would be needed to fully cover this new area. Following his brethren, CoG>Mist, joined the Order to aid their effort in this foreign land. A momentary membership as Mist became involved in other activities, saw him retire before making any significant impact. Nevertheless, the Order wishes him well.

A new order has since swept through the land with not one, but two major changes impacting upon the Order's cause. The Prophets now expose The Darkness through various Tournaments and in any number of Arenas. These new changes have seen most of the 'old guard' retire and a need for the Order to once again seek new blood for the cause.

The 8th Prophet to join was [MKC]REViLLA, quickly followed by [MKC]kD.

The Order now stands at 4 members and whilst very small, has always met its commitments.

As for a 10th Prophet? Perhaps......

The Dark Prophecy Order continues its work......