Spiritos {High-Elder Prophet}

Ancient texts describe Spiritos as the High-Elder Prophet who, together with the High-Prophet, have guided the Dark Prophecy Order from the very beginning. He is the 'Holder of Prophecy' and thus responsible for maintaining the 'Chronicle of Order': the written volume of the Order's achievements. He also calls the Prophets to gather when the need arises.
Reach me here: spiritos@darkprophecy.com

Caldazar {High-Prophet}

Caldazar holds the position of High-Prophet and has been with the Order since its inception.On occasion he ventures far from the Order's home, seeking to enlighten others to the existence of The Dark Prophecy, and hence can not attend all of the Order's gatherings. The counsel of Caldazar and Spiritos has seen the continuation of the Order through many periods of difficulty and is regarded as one of its inherent strong points.

kD {Prophet}

A strange affiliation here. Whilst defending the Order in its 'tournaments', he opposes us in other arenas. kD's efforts on behalf of the Order are greatly appreciated however and when he is required, he is there. A steady and tactically-minded Prophet who has worked within the field for many a year, he is another advantage for the Order.

REViLLA {Prophet}

REViLLA joins the Order bringing with him a great wealth of experience albeit in a slightly different area. Already eager to push the Order's message to all and sundry, with an accurate aim,  he will prove a more than worthy Prophet.

  Blaze {retired}

Blaze was a hugely welcome addition to the Order with great strength of character and solid determination. He was one of the strongest Prophets to aid the Order in its work and his efforts on the field were an example to us all. As a result of the huge effort and organisational abilities that Blaze lent to the cause, he was granted Elder status.

  E^Z {retired}

Was known as [ROK]Dingo in times passed, but has since been reincarnated as CoG>E^Z and then [rG] E^Z. Indeed, not only had his name been reborn, but his ability had also; E^Z commanded a great aim with devestating effect.
When known as Dingo, he had come to the Order on secondment from a fellow organisation and served well over two seasons. This was a commendable achievement considering he had needed to spend a fair degree of time in meditation, unable to study with others, unless the need was great. When called upon however, the opposition was made aware of his presence.

  Mist {retired}

Increasing the Order's strength even further was <HooD>Mist. With great foresight, and the ability to surpass most in direct action, Mist ensured that no-one forgot where the Order had been.

Evil Santa {retired}

Another Prophet who came on secondment, but from another of the Order's fellow organisations. Santa, similar to Caldazar, went forth from the Order's grounds on occasion and spent a great deal of time underground at a secret location. He manages to maintain a line of communication to the Order.

Brother X {retired}

Brother X was an active Prophet in the early stages of the Order's life and played his part well. He was responsible for the first, early version of the 'Chronicle of Order'. Retiring from active status some time ago to pursue another branch of study he still maintains links with the Order to this day.

??? {Prophet}