14th January 2011AD - Spiritos

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[DP] moves to [DkP]? Still plying the trade but in new areas - BF:BC2 Vietnam; CoD:Black Ops.


4th October 2006AD - Spiritos

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10th December 2005AD - Spiritos

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Yes, we're still alive - just taking a long pilgrimage at the moment!


2nd June 2003AD - Spiritos

General News

The transfer of host has now been completed. You should be able to view this site using its intended URL (www.darkprophecy.com). Please readjust your bookmarks back to this URL as the alternative URL I set-up during this transition period will be deactivated in a few days.

The email addresses have been restored to their correct format but this may take a few hours to 'settle-in', so don't despair if you receive a 'host not recognised' mail or a 'bounced' email message - leave it a few hours and try again.


10th May 2003AD - Spiritos

General News

I'm currently in the process of moving host for this website, so Dark Prophecy may disappear from your web browser for a few days in the very near future. If this is the case and you still really want to have a look at the site, then I've set up a temporary alternative URL here: temporary Dark Prophecy home.

I'll post up a new news item once the transfer of host is complete.


23rd April 2003AD - Spiritos

General News

Looks like it's time for the 'annual' update!

I've finally sorted out the forum problem, i.e. there's a new one now - just click the "Messages" button over on the left of the screen. Apologies for the adverts arising from the forum, but then you don't get many things for free do you?

As for MKC, well, I'm inactive for them as well due to RL but I still drop in there most days to see how they're getting on.

'Till next time...


7th May 2002AD - MKC*Spiritos (Minor Update 28th January 2003)

General News

Well, let's see, this is the first update to this site in over a year-and-a-half! That's not the way it was intended to be at all, but I'm afraid as is the usual case, 'Real-Life' intervened and basically put this on hold :/

For the time-being, Dark Prophecy as a 2v2 team is inactive (and probably that way for the forseeable future). Some of the DP members (including myself) still ply their online FPS trade as part of Massive Killing Capacity - a mainly Q3 RA3/CPMA clan but also competing within a Counter-Strike league (which is where I play right now). MKC is still going strong and indeed a new website is currently under construction which should go live in the very near future - you may want to check it out.

This site will remain online as Dark Prophecy's legacy; a record of its history and the effort that people put into it to make it what it was.

(Oh, and if you hadn't already guessed, no, this site has nothing whatsoever to do with the "Disciples II: Dark Prophecy" game!!
 The Messageboard does not function at present - if you want to 'leave a message' send it using the email link).

UPDATE: Seems there was a problem with this email link - it is now sorted [28th January 2003] !


2nd  September 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

General News

*ahem*. If you hadn't noticed, Dark Prophecy hasn't been active for a while.....errrrrr....well, we've been busy with other things (mostly MKC activities and things like DeusEx 'getting in the road' ;) Also, the Gemini 2v2 League never got itself back up-and-running for us, and we decided that vanilla Q3 DM just isn't that much fun :/ As for Counter-Strike, well, it's hardly a 2v2 game and the minimum it can play reasonably with is a 4v4, which is creeping more into 'proper' Clan territory. As we speak/type, MKC are looking at CS with the potential of forming a CS team. If that happens, then Dark Prophecy will not pursue the CS route, instead the DP folks will join the MKC team.


25th June 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

League - Q3

Oops, got a little behind here. We've played 2 games in this league (Clan-Wars 2v2) now (the latest yesterday). I've managed to rustle up some info on them over on the Demos/Reports page. No demos posted as yet. I'll have to make a decision on whether to post them up or not. They (obviously) take up space and TBH I doubt whether many (if any) people outside of Dark Prophecy actually download them anyway!


League - UT
No news yet on the 'new' setup for the Gemini 2v2 League, but Clan-Wars intend to run a UT 2v2 league as well soon. We'll keep an eye on that I think. If the Gemini league reappears with a format we're not happy with, then we'll probably enter the Clan-Wars League. Having said that, if we have the interest and the times don't clash with anything else we're doing, we may just enter both. We'll see.


League - Counter-Strike

Now don't go getting all excited or 'hot under the collar' (prolly just Caldazar that's unhappy reading this anyway >;) ), but those wonderful chaps over at Clan-Wars are looking into running a CS League (busy aren't they?). The format looks to be 3v3. Now, as I've finally got the thing to run I've been having a little go at it and it's not too bad (oops, prolly upset die-hard CS players with that one ;) I'm basically just 'thinking' out loud here, but I know Axe and Ruven are playing it a fair bit and as Dark Prophecy is really just about having a bit of fun and we already play Q3 *and* UT, then why not expand a little more?

Any thoughts?



If anyone is having any difficulties with the site, please let me know and I'll look into it. I've made a few changes already to increase the speed at which the pages etc appear and that does seem to have helped a bit.


15th June 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

League - UT
Well, unfortunately, instead of having a match report here, I have to say that the Gemini league has been postponed until further notice because of a number of teams not showing up again :( The organisers have taken the decision to hold off playing any more games until they can come up with some sort of structure to minimise the number of no-shows. That's a good idea in that it's obvious they have the teams interests at heart and want the league to work.

More news on this when I have it.


League - Q3

Dark Prophecy kicks off its Quake3 2v2 Clan-Wars League season this Saturday against EDGE. The league was postponed by a week because of i4 taking place last weekend (chances are a lot of the league's players would have been there). Our team for this opening game has already been selected (no, I'm not giving out the details, feel like a footy manager :p   ) and hopefully I'll have some sort of report on the match as soon afterwards as I can.


3rd June 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

League - UT

Things took a very unexpected turn of events here. A little background to the whole story: we had originally entered the Gemini UT 2v2 League back at the end of March. After a 'false' start (a significant number of teams not turning up), the league was going to be relaunched. Dark Prophecy was somehow 'dropped' from the list of registered teams (don't ask, that's another story by itself :(  ) and we did not appear in either of the newly created Groups (A and B). After some effort trying to resolve things, we expected to appear in either Group C or D, both of which are to be added to the League next season. That was that....or so we thought...

On Tuesday evening, a phone call from Caldazar revealed that we were playing a match in the UT 2v2 league in about 2 hours time!!! *erk*
No practice, no knowledge of the maps to be played, opponents etc left us in a huge hole before we knew it :/ Still, having 'crept' in through the back door to league action, we tried to get ourselves sorted. Myself and Caldazar were to play the match with kD as backup, but, as luck would have it (bad luck that is), UT crashed on me when I tried to insert the IP of the league server >:(( A reboot was necessary, so I asked kD to step into the fray, which he did. After I got back online, I headed for the league IRC channel (and opened GameSpy) to observe the match. Details can be found through the Demos/Reports page.

After all the confusion, we had a look at things. Dark Prophecy has been placed in Group A within the League and it's a 'nasty' grouping. I only know a few of the clans/players competing (as UT is a 'newish' venture for us), but we've already got [H], _6T3_ and {CRG} players in there *ulp*. Ah well, we'll have to see what we can do :)


League - Q3

Just a reminder that the Clan-Wars 2v2 League launch 'party' is taking place tomorrow (Sunday) from midday to midnight. IRC will probably have a fair few players in it, and the league servers will be open for players to just go and have a bash before the serious stuff gets underway the week after.


26th May 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos


Well, I've finally gone and sorted it out: Dark Prophecy has its own domain. You can now reach us at www.darkprophecy.com. For the moment, the site will also remain mirrored at its old URL, but I will be adding a redirect to that location at some point in the near future (in other words, update your bookmarks now :) You can also reach me at spiritos@darkprophecy.com now if you wish; I've also changed the mail link (the smiling Prophet in the frame to the left) to send mail to that address. Shortly, you will be able to reach all the Prophets through similar email addresses (hmmmm, more work ahead ;)
(Also, just in case you had noticed, the 'Visitors' counter to the left isn't functioning any longer. That's because the counter was specific to the hosting ISP this site was previously on. I'll sort that out later.....any other jobs going? >;)  ).

UPDATE: I fixed the counter issue :)  (Any comments, let me know).


League - Q3

This competition is scheduled to get underway on June 11th, but there is an 'all-day launch party' being held next Sunday (the 4th) for everyone involved to just turn up and play some pickup games, chat and generally have a laugh before the real action begins :)
Dark Prophecy now has its logo up on the Clan-Wars website for all to see (the only other team to display a logo when I checked was Bongtastic, and a good effort it is too). Our final choice for the logo, was the static jpeg (shown below to the left).


22nd May 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

League - Q3

The Clan-Wars league is scheduled to start 11th June and the teams have now been drawn up in their divisions. Dark Prophecy finds themselves in Div3 along with Minimum Killing Capacity: kD, Moneypenny and Prophet (all of whom represent MKC in one game or another. Oh yeah, that's Massive Killing Capacity they represent in one game or another :)
As for the other teams in our division, I'll add a bit more detail on them and their players later.

In another nice touch to the league, the organisers are allowing (and in fact are encouraging) teams to produce a logo which will be shown on the league site and also used to represent the team in whatever coverage the organisers arrange. As is like me, I went off to see what I could do and I've ended up with these:

"So many colours..." (that's an old CD32 joke :)

So, there you have it, one of these will be the 'face' of Dark Prophecy in Q3 2v2 competitions for the time being. Any preferences? (Bear in mind the animated .GIF on the right weighs in at about 60Kb compared to 14Kb for the .JPEG on the left).


13th May 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

League - UT

Our game against {CRG}Donka and {CRG}Nightmare in the Gemini UT 2v2 League didn't actually take place this week. We had problems ourselves when Caldazar was sent off on a job which was supposed to last a week (running over this game). As a result, we postponed the game. {CRG}Nightmare was quite understanding and was going to forward some dates/times for the rescheduled match.

The day before the game had originally been scheduled to take place (try to stay with me here ;) ), Cal managed to get a message to me saying he would be back in time to play the game after all! So, off I went and left a message on {CRG}'s board again, asking if we could still play the game in its original timeslot. Nightmare replied that it wouldn't be a problem: Game on :)

However, (you knew it was coming), Donka, now couldn't make the game! It was then postponed for 2 days (meaning it would be the last of the games to be played out of all 3 divisions).

Turning up on {CRG}'s IRC channel on the day of the game, I discovered it had been cancelled by {CRG}ExeCute (the league's Head Admin). He had taken the decision to restart the whole league as there had been too many no-shows over the previous two day period (it looks like most of the American teams hadn't shown up). So, I'll be keeping an eye on the website to see when we 'start it all over again' ;)

As for the American teams not showing up, I'm not surprised: some people have either been confused over, or just not taken, the time difference between the UK/Europe and the States into account. For example, an 8pm game (in the UK) equates to a 3pm game for players based on the US east coast and an even earlier 12pm/Midday game for players on the US west coast!! At those times, the US players are either at work or school. Personally, the only way I can see joint US/UK/Europe leagues working is to schedule games between US and UK/European teams on weekends. That way, you avoid the school issue and lessen the chances of people going to work being a problem.


League - Q3
Not content with being 'redeemed' in a UT 2v2 League, we've now also entered the Clan-Wars Q3 2v2 League (the Q3 league that has 'sort of' followed on from the Q3 2v2 Tournament that we took part in a couple of weeks ago). The ruling about team members having to be from the same clan was dropped (sense has prevailed ;) ), and seeing as the cup was so well organised, we've decided to enter. The format for this league is as follows:

* The "wars" will take place over an 8 week period
* Each team will choose one homemap. This may not change once the league has started
* A game will consist of one "battle" on your homemap and one on your opponents
* Points will be given for wins (you can not tie a game) 5 points to the winner of each "battle" (a total of 10 points per "war")
* Plus: There is a one point bonus avaliable per game to team with highest frag count after both "battles"

An interesting note here, is that also joining this league, are kD, Moneypenny and Prophet under the Team banner of Minimum Killing Capacity (nice :) ). So, if we play each other during the season, it's going to be an all-MKC affair...we can't lose :)


1st May 2000AD - [MKC]Spiritos

Mission Statement

Well, alright, it's not exactly a 'mission statement' (must have heard that too many times at work ;) it's more of a change of direction. If it hasn't already become apparent, Dark Prophecy is now only competing in 2v2 leagues and tournaments within Unreal Tournament and Quake3. Quake2 has run its course and it's time to move on (not that we didn't enjoy the time we spent playing Q2).



I mentioned it about a month ago, but the WP Q3 2v2 Tournament was finally played this Saturday afternoon (the 29th of April). Results can be found either using the link in the frame to the left or, just to make things easier for you, this is a direct link to them :) Some details on the games can be found here (direct link) or in the Demos/Reports section. Adding a final note about this tournament, we felt that it was very well run; match times were being kept to very well, the admins were doing a good job, scores from matches were being relayed 'live' via IRC and even the Tournament's website was being updated 'realtime'. All in all, a very 'professional' tournament. If it's run again, I'm sure we'll enter.

Following on from the successful 2v2 Tournament, I see that a 2v2 League is now in the 'offing'. A disturbing rule has cropped up stating that teams entering must consist entirely of players from the same clan. This is not a good idea IMO. 2v2's have (usually) always been seen as the 'fun' side of online FPS gaming, with the 'serious stuff' left for the 4v4 Clan games. There are a lot of 2v2 teams whose members originate from different clans but they take part in these competitions as a bit of fun, and sometimes to 'get away' from playing in the clan environment all the time. Take Dark Prophecy for example, we've been going in 2v2 competitions for a long time now (probably since '98) and AFAIK, we're one of the only (if not, the only) 2v2 team/clan with a dedicated website. Our members have been 'recruited' from a number of different clans with the primary reason being fun. Most of us play 'seriously' within our clans and view the 2v2's as a chance to team-up with players you normally wouldn't get the chance to and/or to play some 'competitive' games without the real serious edge that most clan games generate. Gib City however, is running a 2v2 league without the 'clan members only' ruling, so, we'll have to look at that league first...



Latest news on the Gemini Unreal Tournament 2v2 League suggests a May 8th start, with our first game being against {CRG}Donka & {CRG}Nightmare.



Seeing as we've moved away from Q2 to Q3 and UT, I'm changing a few things on the site, (this font for a start), but there's a lot more I now want to do with it (for example, the Prophets page is a bit out of date now). I've got the same problem as most other people where that's concerned however: time (ie, where do I find more of it? ;)

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