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This 28th day of November, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

As usual, I've updated the Results/Fixtures section with forthcoming games, opposition etc. I've now added the server IP's/DNS's when I can find them to make it easier for everyone to find out exactly where we're supposed to be 'on the night'. I've also been adding the web sites of the clans we play against (linked through the Results/Fixtures page as well), but I thought I would point out on this occasion, that the =AIM= website is a little....errrmm.....b0rked to say the least. None of the links function correctly (all pointing towards *.doc when they should be pointing towards *.htm files). So, if you want to take a look, you'll have to do a little 'manual navigating' (look in the root for the site page listing and go from there). I have ICQ'd =AIM='s clanleader about it, so hopefully they'll get something sorted out soon.

I've gone and done it now. Yes, Dark Prophecy now has its very own GamersX messageboard :)  Just hit the 'Messages' button in the frame to the left for a look. (...and, no, I don't expect it to be used often, but what the hell, it's there now anyway. Perhaps time for a little rivalry-stirring? >;)

This 27th day of November, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

First off, congratulations go to our new Prophet, CoG>Mist. He has made the UK Team which is travelling to LAN Arena 3 in Paris this weekend, joining some (in)famous names; [UNR]Luke, [UNR]Blokey, [EED]Billox and Shigeru[CFH]. Good luck to him and the others (just remember to bring those skills back with you to [DP]'s cause Misty >;) If you want to keep an eye on the events there, check out Eurogamer.

A check of the Paths page will now give you a link to E^Z's own ramblings ;) Planet E^Z.

Two games were scheduled for last weekend in the Clanbase 2v2 ladder, but only one was completed: the game against DediCated Killers [DCK]. The other, against CaLuSaRi [C], was eventually started after a great deal of rescheduling, reorganization, tracking down players who could manage to turn up at short notice etc (in otherwords, *phew*). However, after all this 'running about' and actually getting on to the match server (weirdest way of getting on to a server I've ever seen BTW: jump to a web page, click a link, then start up Q2, refresh Address Book, then join listed server!!!), one of CaLuSaRi's players fell sick (if I heard right, he was actually 'puking' and his father told him to stop playing.'Twilight Zone' or what? ;) So, the game was 'postponed until further notice'. We'll probably rearrange this fixture for some point later when the CaLuSaRi guys are feeling a bit better >;) (Mind you, this could well be an interesting match-up, in the first minute or two of the aborted match, [C] played very well...).

As for the game against [DCK], have a look at the report that Blaze wrote (which also just happens to nestle beside a demo of the q2dm3 game).

This 19th day of November, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

As a result of the increased number of games that we are committing to (within the Clanbase ladder), we needed another member, so please welcome our new Prophet, CoG>Mist. Even if I do say it myself, we've got a good line-up here :)) As with CoG>E^Z, Mist will only be joining us for the Clanbase fixtures because he already takes part in the WP 2v2 League (as part of LPB Scum with E^Z funnily enough >;)

As the famous (?) song goes, "Happy-happy, joy-joy, happy-happy, joy-joy..." (ad infinitum). We won our inaugural fixture against a Dutch Clan, [IaM]. Good sports these peeps and I think we also learned a few expletives in Dutch (a few lava-diving manoeuvres during the game) >:)) Full credit to Blaze and E^Z (his first game for DP since his 'return' :) for getting in front at the start and never really losing control of either of the maps played in this match. A gain of 8 ranking points for us produced our very first placing on the Official Ladder at position 32 with 1008 points (every team starts with 1000 points and can win or lose points from every match. The number of points gained or lost is based on the international ELO chess ranking system. If you want to learn more, go have a look at the Clanbase site). With 2 more games planned this weekend, hopefully we'll see that ranking improved (if not, heads will roll.....prolly coz we'll have had too much beer >;)

This 9th day of November, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

Quite a lot has been happening behind the scenes here at Dark Prophecy HQ. The new WP 2v2 Season looks very likely to move from its scheduled Saturday slot to a midweek one. Whilst this may suit some teams, it certainly doesn't suit us very well: effectively we lose the services of our best player CoG>Blaze :((  However, being the 'thoroughly decent blokes' we are, Dark Prophecy will continue in the WP 2v2 League, albeit without Blaze :(  Anyone interested in a bit of WP 2v2 action? Let me know ASAP...

Dark Prophecy certainly isn't the best 2v2 team out there, but, we all get on very well together and don't want to split the team up. Hence, we are proud (and pretty pleased ;) to announce our European adventure! Dark Prophecy has now entered the European Clanbase 2v2 Ladder. Being a ladder, we can schedule matches when we want and so, we keep the team together :)) In fact, not only do we keep the current team together, but we have a new member.....well, in reality, a returning member (which is even better). [ROK]Dingo returns to Dark Prophecy in his new incarnation, CoG>E^Z :)) Now, pay attention (this gets a little complicated ;). E^Z is only with Dark Prophecy for the European Clanbase games, as he will continue to play for LPB Scum in the WP 2v2 League (competing against Dark Prophecy). Crystal clear now? ;) This also means that, for the Clanbase games, we will all, for the very first time, be wearing the sacred initials, [DP] in front of our names ;)

Things move pretty fast around here: not only have we just entered the Clanbase ladder, but Dark Prophecy has its first 'Euro-bash', this Sunday (the 14th) against a Dutch clan [IaM]. They won their last fixture quite convincingly (a 50+ frag difference) and we are playing on a Dutch server, so our work is cut-out for us already. Being a European-based competition, they do things a little differently from us (don't they always? >;). Unlike the WP 2v2 League, where the teams play a 20 minute match on one map, Clanbase plays 2x20min games over two maps, and the winning team is that with the highest frag-count after both maps. (So 'winning' the first map 45-40, but losing the 2nd map 45-55, doesn't give you a tie, it loses you the match overall [90-95]). Consistency is the name of the game here methinks.

This 6th day of November, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

Okay, okay, yes, it's been a while since I updated things, sorry. Lots of things happening over the last few weeks; being away, feeling unwell, and being made responsible for [MKC]'s website, not being the least of them.

Well, the season has finished and (as I predicted earlier), LPB Scum ran out winners, with a 50 quid prize between them (lucky fraggers >;)  ). Final league positions and stats are available over on the League Table page (surprisingly enough ;) ). The other official prize to be awarded at the end of the season, was to the player who had achieved the highest frag count in a single match. CoG>Blaze held on to that with his 53 frag effort from the Dark Prophecy v Dogs of War match and so, he gets his mitts on 25 as well. (Just in case anyone was a little confused by that, Blaze has indeed moved from [MKC] to CoG, but stays with Dark Prophecy for the 2v2's. Perfectly clear now? ;) ).

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