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This 8th day of October, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

I'm missing two results at the moment: All Stars vs Wh00p, and Atomic Guard vs Dogs of War. I know both of these were default wins, but to whom the wins go, I don't know. So, if you know, please shout so I can sort out the League Table, thanks :)

This 7th day of October, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

Ah nutz! [KC]TicsDad is off to sunny Athens and we're all still here. Hey, League Masters, how about you speak to WirePlay and see if they'll sponsor a 2v2 League locational somewhere warm and sunny :) (Not likely but what the hey, you don't get anything if you don't ask ;).

As a result of Daddio's trip, he didn't have time to write a match report for Dark Prophecy vs Hev 'n' Sent. I'll write it instead: I sux0red, we lost, case closed >;) *ahem*. Oh, alright, Dark Prophecy started off very slowly, with Hev 'n' Sent setting the early pace, especially [KC]TicsDad. Spiritos seemed to have an extremely efficient metal-detector to hand because it looked like he 'found' every single one of the grenades that TicsDad was throwing about ;). Whilst Spiritos kept dying, [MKC]Blaze held the fort, but it was going downhill fast: this match turning into a 2v1 (well, Spiritos had his role: keeping the spawn points warm..very warm). The last few minutes however, saw Blaze in great form, a single-handed assault on the lead that Hev 'n' Sent had built-up was on. Worrying stuff for TicsDad and [LL]Sentinel. The score reached 32-31 within the last few seconds....but a fated rocket blew-up in Blaze's face: 32-30....*nutz*. Ah well, a good game, with Hev 'n' Sent breathing a sigh of relief after Blaze's spirited fight-back (maybe that shouldn't be spirited..not like I had anything to do with that comeback ;).

The (only) other game played this week pitted the two favourites for the league together, LPB Scum and Richies. TicsDad has written and mailed out the report for this one, so if you need to refresh your memory, then have a look in your 'Inbox'. As a consequence of the 24-20 win in LPB Scum's favour, they top the table with 12 points from a possible 12; I reckon the title is heading their way now. The toughest game left for LPB Scum will be against All Stars but, despite the talent there, I can't see anything but an LPB win.

I need your thoughts on an issue that was thrown up when constructing the League Table. The 'Best Result' column basically lists the best win that a team has achieved during the season. This is based purely on Frag Difference though. Some people however, would regard their best win as that achieved against a team of higher standard and/or position within the league. Now, if that is the majority, then I'll change the column to reflect that. I could work a ranking system for each team based on a number of factors, eg, current position in league, # of LPB's/HPW's, Frags For etc. It would be a bit more complicated than just using these few factors, but I'll have a look into it. Meanwhile, if you have any preferences, let me know (just point to the 'Cloaked One' in the frame to the left to mail me).

Also, any thoughts about what additional stats I could add to the League Table page? Remember, I have limited time, and no logs are available for earlier matches. (I have deliberately not produced 'Lowest' stats: 'highs' are fine but no-one really wants to be remembered for having any of the 'low' stats do they?).

Demos. I've decided not to make demos available every week. For one, they eat up web space, and two, at the moment, they're all from my POV; need a little variety there. I'll have a think about it, but as usual, if you have any thoughts, just let me know.

This 4th day of October, in the year 1999 Anno Domini - [MKC]Spiritos

I've started this news section to keep things more up-to-date and for items that don't fit anywhere else. For example, there is no report of our game against Atomic Guard because there was no game played :(  [TAG]Viz showed up but no [TAG]Dr Phil this time, so we were awarded a default win :/ A 'makeshift' 2v2 was played instead, against Viz and DeadlyX (another ex-SEX clanner), so at least there was a game of sorts :)

On another front, yup I'm part of Massive Killing Capacity, [MKC], now :)  [MKC]Blaze is the one to blame for that (he asked if I wanted to go along to one of their praccys) ;)  Things are going very fast there already: played a few praccy games and even a WPDML match for the Clan. Don't worry though, despite some concerns, Dark Prophecy is still here (what would you do with all those 'cheese' biscuits if this site wasn't around? ;)

If time allows (and something of interest happens), I'll post some details of the league situation itself; teams doing well, individual players on a 'hot-streak' (and no, that doesn't mean running naked through lava ;)  ) etc

I've produced a League Table for the league which shows a fair amount of detail for each team as well as a breakdown of how their points came about (eg a straight-forward win, a defaulted win [ie no game played, but the team turned up with at least 2 players], Games Defaulted [ie the team either didn't turn up or only 1 player appeared]). If you spot anything in the table that you think is wrong, or doesn't show up well, or you just want to ask a question about it then give me a SHOUT :) I'm also going to add some additional stats to this page when time allows.

If anyone wants to send in any screenshots of games from the league, or anything else of relevance, then please do; any suggestions welcome (excluding the words/phrases, "...sheep...", "...under cover of darkness...", and "...ooer missus..." >;)

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