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24/06/00  Week 2, Dark Prophecy  ([MKC]Spiritos & [MKC]Caldazar)  v  UKSG  ([UKSG]VibE & [UKSG]Koyote)
Q3DM5 (UKSG's Home Map)
A better game all-round this, with the two teams more closely matched than the previous event (against Edge).
A good start for
Dark Prophecy (makes a change doesn't it? ;)   ), saw us take a 'huge' 2-0 lead >;) Which was then promptly reduced to 2-2! UKSG had obviously worked on their tactics for their Home Map and it showed: they essentially guarded the central area of this map which encompasses the RL and Red Armour leaving us to run around the rest of the level picking up the PG and SG. UKSG established their 'stronghold' early and started to pull away, but to our credit, just over halfway through the game (8 minutes), we had fought our way back to tie the scores at 16-16. Then, as seems usual with Dark Prophecy, we pressed the self-destruct button, spending the remaining time mostly on the defensive. A couple of Gauntlet pummels made us a little more happier (strange how that can be very gratifying :) ), but they were not significant scorewise.
Final Score:
Dark Prophecy 23-40 UKSG

LUN3DM1 (Our Home Map)
Twice in one match, something's up: Dark Prophecy managed to take an even better lead at the start of this game: 4-0 (*phew* the giddy heights, eh?). Guess what happened to that lead? Yup, it vanished into the ethereal 'Mist of Sux0ring' that we seem to live in >;) From that 4-0 lead, we dropped to a losing scoreline of 17-8 at the halfway point. Rocket Launchers were the order of the day with the occasional effective appearance of the Lightning Gun. Not much use was made of the Quad & Haste by either side during this game (perhaps because it's not a straight-forward pick-up?). Whilst Dark Prophecy could have made use of it, UKSG didn't need it with their RL's being fairly accurate throughout mounting up the frags. Highlights from this game were me managing to blow myself to bits with a newly acquired RL (!) and then hanging around for some time with only 1 health point left waiting for the Regen to appear just for Caldazar, who had over 100 health points, to go pick it up as it spawned: the git! >;)
Final Score:
Dark Prophecy 11-29 UKSG

Match Score: Dark Prophecy 34-69 UKSG
(Report by [MKC]Spiritos)

"Great, missed...AGAIN!"

"You're supposed to be in that explosion to the right u dodger!"


17/06/00  Week 1, Dark Prophecy  ([MKC]Caldazar & [MKC]REViLLA)  v  Edge  (WASP & Chicane)
Q3DM6 (Edge's Home Map)
WASP and Chicane are aliases for a couple of good Q3 players, both LPB's, Caldazar and REViLLA are not aliases and they're both HPB's. This setting the scene for you a little bit better? ;)
Lazy though it is, this match report is practically a copy of the game we played against
Scratchio in the Wireplay Q3 2v2 Tournament (see below). I'm not going to complain about the obvious mismatch here (this is the first season after all and the teams have not been 'sorted' into appropriate divisions yet), but if this was a boxing match, the ref would have stepped in after the first minute! (and if Cal or Rev had a towel it would've been thrown at the ref >;)   ). Edge got the first quad and RL and that was that. Two LPB's with the RL and Quad under control against two HPB's with (maybe) the Shotgun. Not going to be pretty was it?
Final Score:
Dark Prophecy 4-70 Edge

LUN3DM1 (Our Home Map)
Someone once said "Home Sweet Home". Boll*cks to that, ain't nothing sweet about this >;) Despite WASP not even having this map on his system before the game (tsk, tsk), so not having seen the map, Chicane made up for that with some sterling play. Edge found the alternating Quad/Haste early on plus the RL and put them to good effect throughout the game. Caldazar and REViLLA tried to fight back but on a number of occasions found themselves in an open space of the map against both WASP and Chicane who were armed with RL's: rockets flew everywhere and after the smoke cleared, there was usually a fragged Prophet left!
Chicane led the way for Edge finishing with 28 frags (more than double his teammate's 13) whilst REViLLA and Caldazar were consistent (both scoring the same number of frags as each other in both of these maps!).
Final Score:
Dark Prophecy 6-41 Edge

Match Score: Dark Prophecy 10-111 Edge
(Report by [MKC]Spiritos)


WirePlay logo Wireplay Q3 2v2 Tournament (29/04/00)

29/04/00  2nd Round, Dark Prophecy  ([MKC]Spiritos & [SEX]Caldazar)  v  Scratchio  (*S*Oppy & *S*Storm)
Dark Prophecy had a default win in the First Round due to [PimP] not showing up. This effectively meant us hanging around in IRC for about 30mins. The time wasn't completely wasted however, as there was a good bit of banter in the channel and real-time scores from matches in progress were being relayed on another channel :) Upon our return to IRC later, we learned that our 2nd round opponents would be Scratchio. They had earlier disposed of [VFA] 60 to -11 on q3dm9 (Hero's Keep) so that was the first bad omen ;) Once on the server, we discovered the second (and far more important) bad omen: *S*Oppy pinging around 20!! After the usual initial expletives (said aloud, not on the server I hasten to add :) ) about 'uber-LPB' etc we started the match.

It was close for perhaps the first minute, then things went seriously downhill rapidly (lol). In what can't really be said to be an exciting match,
Scratchio totally controlled the map. They took the first RL and Quad spawns and continued to defend both, timing each very well. On very rare occasions, one of us grabbed the RL just as it spawned, to be met with an already RL-equipped Scratchio player coming in to pick up the newly-spawned RL and a frenetic rocket-battle ensued. These RL skirmishes are best depicted (as is the whole match) with one particular instance when Caldazar managed to jump-pad up to the RL, pick it up as it spawned, see *S*Oppy come running in, both fire rockets, Caldazar takes a hit but survives, only to then fall backwards off the RL platform to the ground with only 6 health left: crunch! End effect: no RL and -1 frag!

Well played to
Scratchio, their timing and control was spot-on and they never looked like losing their grip on the map. After this game, myself and Caldazar had a chat and concluded that Scratchio could very well win the tournament (wish we had a bet on it, because they did :) Scratchio destroyed their Quarter-Final and Semi-Final opponents in much the same way as they did us and their First-Round opponents but had a far closer game in the Final beating Not Too Elite 50-44. Congratulations to Scratchio (at least we were beaten by the eventual winners ;)

(There is no demo posted for this [yes, I have both POV demos] because quite frankly it doesn't make very interesting viewing [too one-sided] and I'd rather post demos which are worth watching, but if you're one of those mad demo-freaks and really want to see it, mail me and I'll send it out to you).

"No, I didn't want the RL anyway, I'm more interested in this stone floor" ;)


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