An unknown period of time has passed since the first spoken word of 'The Prophecy' was pronounced. In a time thought to be fruitful and enjoyed by most, one man knew different,

"There will be no peace, no prosperity. There will be no harmony, no happiness. There will be no rest, no rebirth.

  This time, there will be, only Darkness."


Many paid this warning no heed, such an irrational statement was purely the construction of a delusional mind. Others immediately dismissed it out of hand. No one listened.

What to do? Surely there were others who had heard the voice, others who would understand.

There were. A very small and secretive gathering was held, in a remote part of the land, less the group be discovered and their purpose exposed prematurely. It was decided that the Prophets (for they now believed they were prophets, chosen to prepare themselves and others who would listen, for the Darkness to come) would need a focus point for their efforts. A small island to the east provided The Dark Prophecy Order's first, and only home. (The Prophets had become aware of the local inhabitants referring to them as '...the dark prophets..." and assumed the title in a more formal and important manner. After all, was not what they were doing of great importance?). 

The time was approaching. The Darkness would extinguish everything without concern or emotion. Most people ignored the signs: pools of water which reflected no light, fallen birds, still-births. Some however, began to talk amongst themselves: what if these 'dark prophets' were right? What is this darkness they talk about?

The first description of The Darkness appears in the early chapters of the 'Chronicle of Order':

"It is absolute nothing, the total lack of anything. No air, light, heat, cold. Absolute nothingness. It is not evil, nor malevolent, despite what most people believe or want to believe. It is not 'good' either. These concepts are meaningless and cannot be applied to The Darkness. Is there something, or someone behind it though? If I were to believe this, then I must concur that the intent is evil. How else could you describe the 'removal' of everything from the face of this Earth?"

The Order exists to tell anyone who will listen about The Darkness and ultimately, confront The Darkness on The Day of Reckoning.


There is still much work to be done.