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30/05/00 Week 1,  Dark Prophecy  ([MKC]Caldazar & [MKC]kD)  v  Haemorrhage  ([H]Giggs & [H]Hover)
This seemed more like a 'pick-up' game than a proper league match for us. As I've already said in the News section, we had very little warning that we would be playing in the league this season, never mind this game tonight!  Luckily for us, Caldazar was paying attention to the league site and noticed we were there and lo and behold, had a game a little less than 2 hours away! 

Well, after the panic (!), we tried to sort things out. MKC normally has a UT practice on Tuesday evenings, and this league game sort of put paid to that. However, as a result, another MKC member, kD turned up on IRC to play in the UT praccy. Luckily for us, kD also happens to play UT 2v2's for Dark Prophecy, so he was quickly brought up to speed on the situation. kD was going to act as sub in this, our first competitive UT 2v2 match.

As soon as the IP was given out, I passed it on to Cal and kD, I ALT-TAB'bed to UT, entered the IP and *CRASH*, UT threw a 'wobbler' on me and crashed out >:(( I didn't really pay that much attention to the actual error, but after a failed attempt to reload it, I knew a reboot was needed. I left a message for kD to get on to the server to take my place whilst I rebooted my system.

By the time I got back online, the match had started. Unfortunately, since I didn't play in the game, I can't write a report on the details, but Cal and kD had this to say after the event: "FFS!" >;)  A 54 to -1 loss was the final result (we did actually have a total of 2 frags to our name, but firing a fully-loaded RL into the wall whilst you're running full tilt at that wall aint such a good idea >;)  ).

As we are fairly new to UT (and hence don't yet keep up-to-date with all the clans playing etc), we didn't really know who [H] were (well, actually I do dig around in the UT community a little, but it just didn't 'click' to me at the time that [H] was Haemorrhage, the clan who had just recently beaten VOID to win the Division 1 Barrysworld UTDM League title!). So, we were in for a fragging and didn't know it (found out after the game, in #gemini, that these guys are the generally-considered favourites to win the Group this season..what timing, eh? ;)


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