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16/10/99 Dark Prophecy ([MKC]Blaze & Caldazar) v LPB Scum (CoG>E^Z & CoG>Mescaline)    Click to download (678Kb zip)

A reasonably cautious start to this game, with both teams almost 'feeling' their way round the map with the occasional firefight resulting in a frag. The pace picked up a little but never resulted in the frenetic pace that is usually found in the larger clan games. Nevertheless, there were some good frags with one of the 'best' (for sheer 'cheekiness'), being scored by Caldazar (and, oh, did he like this one). Have a look at the screenshots below to see the shot that made him a happy man (had added effect as far as he was concerned because he was the only HPW in the game!). Again, Blaze put in a sterling effort which saw him finish 2nd overall for the game (20 frags, with CoG>E^Z on 21, and CoG>Mescaline on 19). Winning this game 'put the icing on the cake' as far as LPB Scum were concerned: they had already been crowned Division1 2v2 League Champions and so, they finished the season on a high, as the only team to finish with a perfect 21 points from a possible 21. Congratulations to LPB Scum (hopefully we'll see you next season).
(This demo is the usual 20mins in duration and this time, is from Caldazar's POV).

"First, there were two...", "...then...", "...there were none"   >:)

18/09/99 Dark Prophecy ([MKC]Blaze & Spiritos) v Dogs of War ([FFM]Wedginator & [FFM]BobNT)    Click to download (785Kb zip)

A quick start by [MKC]Blaze saw Dark Prophecy take a lead early on in the game. Super Shotguns and Rocket Launchers were the order of the day, owing much to the fact that there is no Rail Gun in this map (FACT3 - Sudden Death, a Standard Q2 map). Combined with the Quad and the small size of this map, this can make for intense fire-fights and it was no different here. A lot of the frags were at close-quarters, interspersed with the occasional long-range pot-shot. Dark Prophecy dominated the Quad on the level, and never relinquished the early established lead, finally heading out winners. (Point to watch out for in the demo: about 7 mins in, Spiritos [yeah, me ;)] grabs the Quad and becomes so overjoyed at the fact that he throws a grenade off the wall opposite, to see it bounce back and blow him into the wrong side of the next millenium. D'oh ;)  ). Another smoothly run game, thanks to TicsDad, and to Dogs of War for making it 2 games played this season (none defaulted) and an enjoyable game to boot (well, what do you want me say, that I hate winning? ;) (This demo is from Spiritos' POV, 20mins long).

"A short back-and-sides was it, Sir? >;)"

11/09/99 Dark Prophecy ([MKC]Blaze & Caldazar) v All Stars (PR^Spanjab & PR^Trendy)    Click to download (643Kb zip)

A re-run of the opening game of last season, with, unfortunately for us, the same result (d'oh!). A closer affair this one but Span and Trendy really liked those ChainGuns and it showed to devestating effect. As for most games on this map, the team that controls the Quad usually wins out, and despite Dark Prophecy taking a few, All Stars really had it controlled. That, plus the Red Armour, which they shared between them ensured they had a good grip on the match. A last minute (literally) effort by Dark Prophecy saw them pick up a few frags but by then it was too little, too late. A good natured match, with a healthy number of spectators (about 5) and a good admin (TicsDad), this bodes well for future games in the league. (This is a 'chasecam' view by Spiritos (20mins) on 'The Pits' - q2dm5).

"This is going to hurt, isn't it?"

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