Wireplay Q2 2v2 League Demos (Earlier Seasons)

24/06/99 Dark Prophecy ([MKC]Evil Santa & Caldazar) v All Stars ([PR]Spanjab & [KC]Grom)    Click to download (605Kb zip)

This was the first clash of the 4th Season of the Wireplay 2v2 League. (The demo is a 'chasecam' view by Spiritos (20mins) on 'The Pits' - q2dm5).

"Nice ping there, Cal!"

13/02/99 Dark Prophecy ([SEX]Spiritos & [SEX]Caldazar) v Rossi's Roughnecks (Rossi & Shag)     Click to download (739Kb zip)

Selected from the 3rd season is this close encounter between two of the Prophets (who were also assisting the Sacred Exterminators Clan, [SEX], at the time) and two people who would be swayed by the lure of [SEX] very shortly afterward.... (!)

The map for this demo is 'IKDM3'. If you don't already have it then click the map name to download it (389Kb zip). (This is quite a good map, especially for small games like this one). This is from Spiritos' POV and runs for 20mins.

"Say 'hello' to Mr Rocket!"

06/09/98 Dark Prophecy (Caldazar & Spiritos) v Death From Above ([GBU]Evil Santa & [GBU]Kerensky)     Click to download (672Kb zip)

This is where it all began. The very first test for The Dark Prophecy Order. Spiritos & Caldazar took the field with Brother X monitoring activity in case he was needed. As you can see from the opposition line-up, Evil Santa first encountered the Prophets here (and later, would join them to further strengthen the Order).

This demo will need access to the 'LEAD' map (928Kb zip). Again, this is a map suited to smaller sides (although a normal 4v4 game on here would be interesting). Also, both sides here were playing in male skins (m_red & m_blue), so if you want to see who's firing at who, you'd better dowload the skins from here (41Kb zip). (The demo is from Spiritos' POV and is 20mins in duration).


"Ooow, that smarts!"

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